What are YouTube Video Thumbnails?

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Video thumbnails (youtube thumbnail download), or thumbnails as they are technically called, are the images that appear in your video before it is uploaded to your audience. This simple image is responsible for 60% of the click-through intent in your video. Are you willing to lose 60% of the clicks you could have, just by not worrying about your thumbnail?Exactly why I say to you, try to create spectacular content that really draws the attention of your audience before it clicks on your video.

How to assemble a thumbnail?
It’s really up to you to follow the 3E’s rule: – EYES; – EMOTION e; – EXCITEMENT.

There are three words that begin in English with the letter E, and help you put together a flashy thumbnail to captivate your audience.

The first E, is EYES – that’s the eyes. Put photos of you with your eyes open, clearly visible and looking at people.

The second E is from EMOTION – which are the emotions. A face crying, a spontaneous smile, people embracing. Show the emotion that reflects that video. We do this so the person wants to find out what’s there and click on your video.

And the last E, it’s EXCITEMENT – which is the excitement of your audience to see that thumbnail (youtube thumbnail download). It’s very cool when someone sees your thumbnail and wondering: Where does this scene appear? Are you curious to see the video that has this thumbnail? Just click on the link and go watch the video ” How the YOUTUBE 2018 algorithm works ” on the channel!

The Importance of Video Thumbnail
Thumbnails are a very important part of your video. They are the showcase where your customer and your audience will see your content. They are responsible for much of the intention of clicks on youtube videos, and a good thumbnail of video can make the difference between a video with average performance and excellent performance.

So why leave to think about such an important thing last? Why not make wonderful thumbnails (youtube thumbnail download) that will catch the eye of the beholder and invite your audience to watch your video ?

What is a Thumbnail Video?
Thumbnail (youtube thumbnail download) video or video thumbnail is that cover photo that appears in video searches, on your channel page, or on your site when you embed a video to it.

When someone searches on a particular subject on the video platforms, the results appear in a list. And from this list you can see the name of the video, an excerpt from the description and an image of the window.

Why is the video thumbnail so important?
These showcase images represent up to 60% of the intent of clicks . That is, when the person sees your video in the result list, 60% of why she wants to click on your video comes from that window image! Imagine how many people stopped clicking on your video because of a thumbnail they could not understand or even did not reflect all the content you had in your video!

Also, it is the “packaging” of your video. It is the first thing that your audience and your clients have contact with when they are going to see a video of you. And if you’ve been to the shopping center with multiple options of the same product, you know that packaging is very important at the time of purchase. A beautiful, clear packaging with the information that the consumer needs to make him feel more inclined to buy that product .

With videos it works the same way. When you have a beautiful “package” with clear and truthful information about your video, this can make that viewer want to click and watch you.

Here are some tips to improve your thumbnail and make your content more attractive. But you can take a course to create wonderful, eye-catching video thumbnails that will help you leverage your views.I particularly love thumbnails (youtube thumbnail download) and all this you can see in the Pimp My Thumb frame on the Silver Play channel.Check out the entire YouTube series from A to Z in video on the channel.

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