What Are Metal Venetian Blinds?

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Venice metal is cheap. They are easy to place and can completely change the look, feel and atmosphere of the room. Oranges and browns may mark the beginning of the fall, or fresh green may suggest spring. Warm reds and yellows reproduce the summer heat of the room, while blues and whites remember one of the winter snowfalls. Colors can be mixed and combined to produce the desired effect. One can live on a hot summer day, the winter wind blows or enjoys the beauty of spring, while the autumn leaves are bare trees. Therefore, it is not surprising that venetian blinds are the most popular blinds and the best-selling window treatment.

The slat size of the blinds can vary. Popular slats are 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm wide. The splint is made of eight gauge aluminum and tested for strength and durability. The blinds are also equipped with a shock-proof enamel cable ties for easy control of light and privacy.

The metal finishes of the blinds are impressive. Shutters range from brushed aluminum, silver, mirrors and chrome to bright, deep colors and patterns. Carefully positioned perforated slats are used to create patterns of shadows and light in the room. Venetian metal blinds can also produce wood effects. The material is available in five shades with a connection width of 25 mm and 50 mm.

The blind on the Ondulette is a blind person. The slats are cut and woven into various patterns to create a beautiful effect. Patterns include oceans, deserts, valleys, buckets, waves, fish bones, arches, diamonds and comets. These blinds are also available in a variety of colors. These blinds have several control options.

The simplest is the cable system. Each awning has a flange for lifting and a nylon rod that can be rotated to tilt the slats. The mono control system is a gear system controlled by a chain. When the chain is pulled in one direction, the shutters are lowered. When it is pulled to the other side, the slats bend and the awning rises. It is a thinner control system than a cable system because it is a unique system for lifting or lowering blinds.

Some blinds like venetian blinds are equipped with an electrical system. The electrical system can be operated with a battery or power supply. The battery version of the electric blinds is cheaper than the electric version. It also has the advantage of not being hidden by a transformer or cable. The battery version only has a remote control powered by a battery hidden behind the blinds. Remote headphones can be used to tilt the slats. Lifting and lowering blinds is manual. A venetian blind with total electrical power can be used to lower/rise and tilt the shutter using a remote control or switch.

The maintenance of metal venetian blinds is easy. However, care must be taken when handling painted metal blinds. Care must be taken to ensure that the slats do not touch each other and do not collide, resulting in paint debris. Scratched or scratched slats can be exposed to corrosive elements and moisture, which can shorten the life of the product.

Never remove a blind person, or someone who tries to look around blind must put a slat aside. This can result in the folding and folding of the slats, permanently damaging the appearance of the window treatment. It can also be very expensive because all awnings must be removed and reassembled with new slats to replace those that have been damaged.

Blinds can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. The slats must be completely closed before the cleaning operation begins. Inhalation should start at the top of the blind and gradually move down. The awning should be held in one hand and the other hand cleaned.

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