The Real Hammer Of Thor!

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A specialist geekeries of all kinds had fun making a replica of the hammer Thor able to summon the lightning!

MJOLNIR. This is an idea that Sheldon and his friends from The Big Bang Theory would not have denied. After seeing Thor in the cinema, Caleb Kraft, the administrator of the site Hackaday, specialist geekeries of all kinds, had the idea a little crazy to create a replica of the hammer of Thor.

Called Mjolnir, the famous hammer enchanted by Odin has among other things the ability to summon the lightning. This is what Caleb Kraft wanted to achieve by integrating a Tesla coil powered by a battery placed in the handle of the most mythical weapon of the Marvel universes. Result, a hammer capable of triggering flashes of 80,000 volts!

A Tesla coil is a device invented by the American engineer Nikola Tesla in the 1900s, in which a very high voltage current (THT) produces very visual electric discharges in the ambient air.

The device was manufactured by a company specializing in biomedical engineering based in Sidney. The first use dates back to March 2018.

Besides the effectiveness of the tool, we can say that the design is successful. The characteristic figures of the hammer are present on the head and a neat cover offers a better adhesion to the user. When placed side by side, we notice that the usual device is really simple. For information, the surgical hammer is mainly used in major interventions related to joint orthopedics, such as hip and knee replacements . Surgeons use it to adjust the position of a prosthesis.

Remember that in Greek mythology, only Thor can use his hammer. A sequence of the movie Avengers: the era of Ultron illustrates this situation, no other superhero has managed to move Mjölnir.

” The Hammer of Thor ” is the second volume of Stéphane Przybylski’s Origins series, after the panting Castle of millions of years .

Without spoiler, for those who have not yet read the first volume, we can say that the second volume is in the immediate chronological sequence of the first and that the bulk of the action moves to England because the British have recovered some of the Nazi finds. ” The Hammer of Thor ” tells the perilous attempt of the Nazis to take back what the English have stolen from them.

From London in the English campaign, a recovery operation, which will constitute the bulk of the novel, is therefore organized by the Reich secret services. It gives the opportunity to find the characters in Volume 1, to see what happened to some who had been left in a very awful position, and to discover more thoroughly new protagonists, including Admiral Canaris , the SS-Obergruppenführer Heydrich , or Maud Alten, a British person as strong as fascinating. It is also a good time of spying and action, including a long successful pursuit of alternate vision.

” The Hammer of Thor“, it is also, as in the first volume, a flashback / flashforwards construction which allows to understand the construction of the characters and to present what is yet to come, it is also the entry of the United States , and the highlighting of clues that suggest the existence of at least a third force, at work for a long time and with its own agenda.This is finally a story that takes place at the heart of events unique in history and that Przybylski shows in the background as often as necessary, so it’s simultaneously, as in volume 1, a good adventure novel and an effective history course, even if here the Adventure ratio / History changes to the advantage of the first.

It becomes clear from reading this second volume that the case is globalizing and overflowing temporally, both upstream and downstream, of the Second World War. What will happen next? Where does Przybylski come from? It will be necessary to wait until next year and the release of the volume 3 to know it.

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