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Society is best defined as a gathering of we humans. So if there is an interrogation of what makes a society the answer is very straight i.e. we make our society. We make the boundaries , the rules , the rights , and the regulations are all in our hand and made by us. It is very common to hear from old people that we are bound to follow the rules made by our society and that’s what we all are doing without questioning its morality and existence. But by the mouth it is pretty to say that society is for the betterment of mankind. Does it happen so?


We are in the step of 21st century, proud in feet but do the soil is strong enough to bear you weight of new thought? The question is reliable in every sense . No matter how much you grow by the term of education unless you put your free thoughts in practice they are nothing worthy. To talk about society there are many practices and the deep rooted communalism, sexual harassment , gender discrimination, dowry cases all these still lies yet we call our society ‘modern’. This is very relevant to wrap a new cover on the mistakes but not rectifying it or eradicating from the roots. We do have a greater count of literacy in our country but still the crime cases are not decreasing . the biggest answer to this problem is the orthodox thoughts are still lying in the underground of the society. The soil on which the whole mankind is residing is very loose hence it is not getting a grip to stand strong. Unless the weed of orthodoxy is not removed the soil will not get rigid.


It is clear that when a baby comes in the society , he/she is taught the boundaries to follow . Hence the society plays a great role in developing the character of an individual. It is the society that asks a girl to wear , speak and fly to limits and it is the society show the baby boy to play with cars , to roam in the streets irrespective of the time limit. With the advancement of time the youth is changing and gaining their own conscience and the ability of asking questions to every baseless thoughts of the society and even fighting against it.

To conclude, it is evident that the youth power is indomitable and is dynamic, doesn’t believe in being static. The youth has the power to change the society and bring the new sunrise . the easiest way to change is the society is change yourself . Mould yourself in the way ways you want the society. If one of the person starts doing it the other people get inspired and start following their own ways . to bring out a beautiful society you need to bring that revolution in yourself as it is impossible to change thwe thought process of crores by giving long lectures and asking them to change. Society is ours and it is our responsibility to give it a better shape.