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When you find that your pet has fleas, the fleas may already be on your carpet, bedding and furniture. Sucking every day will help you get rid of some fleas, but you will find that you still have some. Due to the small size of the chips, they can be hidden anywhere. What can you do to get rid of this flea intrusion?

  1. Confirm that your pet has fleas. Perform a visual inspection. The fleas are small and look like black pepper, and their eggs look like a small salt. If you notice that your pet is behind him more than usual, there may be fleas because they like to walk behind the animals. There are many ways to confirm that your pet has fleas. Next time you bathe your dog and look at the water, you will find floating fleas or underwater. You can also buy a flea comb and groom your pet’s fur. With a flea comb, you can find fleas or your excrement. Another way is to check your child and yourself. If you find flea chips or other hot spots around your ankle, you may have fleas.

Now that you have confirmed that your pet has fleas, it is time to destroy them! If you know what you are doing and which products are working and which are not, then this is not a very difficult task. Don’t stop treatment for a day, female fleas produce more than 50 eggs a day. Therefore, stopping treatment every day, the flea problem should get worse!

  1. Get rid of fleas: How did I finally get rid of my family’s fleas. When I realized that there was a flea problem at home, my child was bitten in the ankle and abdomen. Knowing the strange life cycle of fleas, I know that I must take immediate action. So I went to Wal-Mart to buy flea shampoo, carpet flea spray, frontline and enough flea pump for every room in my house. When I got home, I immediately started the best flea bomb according to the instructions on the package, and then I left the house for a few hours so that the bomb could complete their work. Then, when I got home, I first washed them with flea shampoo, then dried them and sprayed them with a sprayer.

After a few days, I will definitely win this battle. After about a week, the flea will come back with their friends. This time, I went back to make a bomb, applied a flea spray on the carpet, washed the dog with a flea shampoo, and applied the front line to the dog. Once again, I think I won this battle before fleas and more friends came back a week later. I am exhausted and I am ready to take out all the carpet from home. I ended up surfing the Internet and browsing for flea treatment.

I finally found FleaBusters RX, a white powder, you just sprinkle it on a fresh carpet and sweep the carpet with a broom. I was very desperate, I immediately made a purchase and paid extra for fast shipping. The application of FleaBusters RX is a bit complicated, but in reality it is no worse than a best flea bomb. I received the product a few days later and used it immediately, but it was lazy, no moving furniture or using the product under the bed. After applying for a few days, I noticed that the child no longer bites the flea! I have not been deceived because I thought I had killed all the fleas twice. Two weeks later, we didn’t have a flea! It’s been almost a year since I first applied FleaBusters, and we still have no chips!

Fleabusters work better than any other flea product you’ve tried, including necklaces and front lines. The good news is that FleaBusters is not expensive, you pay the nominal price for the container. The container containing the powder is sufficient to constitute an average size house. Another benefit of using FleaBusters is that it also kills ants.


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