Permit For Demolition Of Buildings

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In order to obtain permission to demolish a building in the General Department, the Information Center for the Public or directly to the Architecture and Urban Planning Department, it is necessary to submit a demolition statement – a demolition card to House Demolition Melbourne, after which you can receive a demolition request.

Description of the Service

Demand for building demolition Melbourne– a physical or legal person may submit a registration card for the demolition of buildings to the general department, the Information Center for the public or directly to the Department of Architecture and Urban Development.

If the building, which is under demolition, is an auxiliary building, the application is considered only by the Department of Architecture and commercial asbestos removal Melbourne. If the demolition of the main building / real estate construction is planned, before the receipt of the demolition order for the building in the below listed cases, the decision of the City is necessary.

In cases where the demolition of the main building / construction of real estate is planned, before the decision is made in the City Council or the approval of the demolition order, this issue must be considered by the City Commission for City Development and / or the commission of the City on putting in order the real estate and assessing the quality of performance of repair work in households.

Documents Required Obtaining the Service

To get the services of house demolition Melbourne below documents should be attached to the application for the demolition of the building

  • A credit card on the demolition of the building:
  • The inventory of the building corresponding to the present situation;
  • Material of photographic fixation of the demolished building;
  • Documents certifying the ownership or use rights (for buildings and land);
  • The plan of land borders;
  • In the case of separate property – the co-owners’ approval (specifying a personal code) with a notarization;
  • The written consent of the building owner, the building (in case the owner of the building is not the initiator of the demolition of the building);

Before commencement of work on demolition of buildings from the Administrative and Construction Inspection, a permit (warrant) for the right to perform work in the administrative territory of the city should be obtained.

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