Motor Trade Insurance, A True Multi-Risk

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Fire-explosion and ice break guarantees

They allow the insured to protect themselves from the various damages suffered by the vehicle resulting from the following events: fire, spontaneous combustion, lightning strike, explosion. Out of 100 personal automobile insurance contracts, 85 have a fire warranty. Get cheap traders insurance to protect against adverse problems.

As for broken glass covers, they generally cover headlights, windshields, side windows and tailgate. While all other warranties are event-related, the breakage guarantee is correlated to damaged parts regardless of the event. This guarantee is present in more than 90% of the contracts.

Guarantees natural disasters and storms

The natural catastrophe guarantee is backed by other non-life insurance contracts, in the form of a percentage that is added to the main premium (Article A. 125-2 of the Insurance Code). The insured person who does not protect his vehicle under any circumstances beyond compulsory insurance will not benefit from this guarantee. Any clause in a contract excluding the physical consequences of natural disasters on the covered vehicle would be deemed null and unwritten. The bringing into play of this guarantee supposes the publication, for a given area, of a ministerial decree in the Official Journal after the occurrence of a dramatic climatic event. It is especially designed to intervene when vehicles are washed away.

In addition, contracts that include a vehicle damage cover automatically cover the risks of storms, hurricanes and cyclones (art L. 122-7 of the Insurance Code).

The bombings guarantee

It covers direct material damage caused by fire or explosion caused to the vehicle as a result of attacks (acts of terrorism, sabotage, riots, popular movements). When these events are committed on the national territory, they can not be excluded from the property damage guarantee.

It is therefore also a guarantee included automatically when the contract includes another guarantee of damage to property (Article L. 126-2 of the Insurance Code).

The assistance guarantee

It allows the customer to overcome the difficulties they face when traveling, including being repaired in case of mechanical failure or accident. Many contracts also provide for the shipment of spare parts and accommodation costs during the repair period. Repatriation solutions for people and vehicles are also offered under this guarantee, in France as in certain foreign countries.

The defense-recourse guarantee and the legal protection insurance

The defense-recourse guarantee makes it possible to have legal assistance in the context of the settlement of the car accident.

The broader legal protection insurance prevents the risk of conflict by promoting access to the information needed to assert its rights, and technical and financial assistance in the event of a lawsuit. It allows in particular the assumption of responsibility for the defense of the insured person in case of prosecution before a criminal court following an accident or infringement of the rules of the road. Some contracts provide that it can be mobilized in case of disputes arising from the purchase, repair, sale, rental, technical inspection of the vehicle.

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