Investing In Cryptocurrencies And Bitcoin In 2019

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It is difficult to decide and whether it is  too late to invest in cryptocurrencies? On the other hand, an investment at the end of the year 2018 is much more accessible than last year at the same time.

Buy a material for mining (RIG)

Investing in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Private Electrum) is more affordable today  than last year at the same time (December 2017). In terms of computer equipment, graphics cards were sold 450 € against 250 € or 190 €.

Invest in a cryptocurrency directly

Comparison with an investment of 1000 € on Bitcoin:

  • In December 2017 , when his course has climbed around 14000/15000 €, you would have obtained 6%  or  0.066 BTC
  • In December 2018 , Bitcoin (BTC) posted €  3,036.81 (-1.59%), you would have almost 33% of a BTC or  33 BTC .

We can conclude that today, it is not too late to invest in cryptocurrencies. The entry price is relatively lower than in 2017 and early 2018.

Is it too late to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Are you afraid speculation is forbidden and that everyone closes shop?

Presumably, you are not late. There is still fun with crypto currencies. We are probably only at the beginning of the cryptos history as technology is young, applications in the real world limited and the interest of institutional investors still almost nil.

Are you afraid because the price curve gives you more desire to pass his way than to invest all his book A? Today we are obviously in a bear market, which started in early 2018. So we are in the ‘bearish’ part of the cycle. But like anything that has a price, bitcoin goes through bullish and bearish cycles. I advise you to document the bear market from November 2013 to January 2015. The drawdown of bitcoin was then 83%! In short, cryptos (Bitcoin Private Electrum) are here to stay and the price of bitcoin fluctuates. But it is by no means too late to invest!

What about ICO?

It was a bit of a gold rush in 2016 and 2017, with up to 5500% ROI for Binance’s ICO, Binance Coin. There was also Brave, the web browser created by the co-founder of Mozilla in May 2017. And the project allowed to raise 35 million dollars. in 30 seconds! Today, is it possible to make the same profits? It seems obvious that only a small part of the new ICOs will have a positive ROI. Which ones? Difficult to predict. You can read more about the JDN article . I really like the project MCO and its new token the CRO  but beware, it is not possible to buy the token directly. It is in the form of Airport for the owners of MCO tokens!

You can also ask to participate in some Airdrop on the left and hope to exchange for a few euros (or more) if the project evolves well. It’s safe. At worst, you will have lost a few tens of minutes of your time.

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