How Slot Machines Have Changed Over Time?

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Before the Internet age, casino lovers could have fun with the slots just by physically entering the arcades or sitting at the green tables. The term “slot” derives from the slot of the machine (“slot” in English) in which the coins were inserted to create a game credit before the rollers were activated. These games were generally extremely simple. The so-called “Fruit machines” have been the absolute protagonists of bars and pubs for decades, with their particular appearance. They were very popular in Las Vegas and required only to pull a lever to turn the rollers, normally with minimum spaces.

In the 1980s, video poker literally revolutionized the gambling world. Today they are described as “retro” when they are proposed by different operators. With essential graphics and sound effects, they were revolutionary because for the first time the video was incorporated into a game to create a more dynamic experience.

Then the Internet and online casinos arrived

With the arrival of the new millennium and the spread of the Internet, the gambling landscape has been totally changed. Customers could finally create online accounts and reload them with a credit or debit card. Given the absence of other online payment methods, some used checks, now virtually gone.

However, the first software vendors were not able to incorporate online casino games into Web sites and often had to send players the software CD, especially before the arrival of broadband. The customer thus received the CD by post and downloaded the casino software into his PC. However, since there was often no single account available, an 888 casino user who wanted to play at the casino and poker had to download two types of software on his computer. Despite this, it was the first time that it was possible to play slots online and customers were thrilled to be able to have fun with the latest arrivals and win rich Jackpots.

The evolution of technology improves the game world

Today it seems ridiculous to send a CD of the casino software or even that there was no Internet connection. Casino players had never been offered much, and online slots would soon become the best-known product on the gaming websites for the volume and choices available.

To a poor eye, online slots may all look the same. After all, there is always a gambling credit, the spinning rollers and the goal of earning money. However, each game is different from the other and the players identify the ones they prefer based on the graphics, the sound effects and the type of Bonuses they would like to win. Software developers and online operators have invested time and money to ensure that the games available in online casinos are incredibly engaging and it is no accident that this sector is growing. The video effects are extremely pleasing, with innovative graphics that feature catchy features and bonuses. Audio plays an important role too, and sound effects change dramatically from game to game: character voices, specific sound effects and the noise of tinkling money when the player gets a win. All these features activate the player’s senses and invite him to come back for more and more fun.

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