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Our cheat trick is based on an online resource generator that we have developed internally. Before accessing it we strongly recommend you to watch the explanatory video below to understand the procedure for obtaining your resources without paying anything . Note that this video is a sample video that works for all our generators . Click the button under the video to access the builder.

What is a resource generator and how does it work? This generator was developed in Node.js for exploited a flaw on the servers of Epic Games. With this flaw we have the opportunity to change the number of vbucks attached to your account and it’s 100% free. Our v-bucks generator is guaranteed without risk, we advise you to watch the video for nothing to pay at all!

To use the generator it’s very simple, just choose the number of vbucks you want to generate then enter the nickname of your Fortnite Battle Royale (fortnite hack) game account  and start the generation as in the video above! After a few minutes your v-bucks will be available on your Fortnite account ready to be used for new skins and dances! We will never ask you for your password, the only thing we need is your username to find you in the databases.

Why offer this Fortnite v-bucks generator for free? We find that the dances, skins and other items offered by Fortnite Battle Royale are horribly expensive, 20 € for a skin, 15 € for a glider, 10 € for the fight pass and so on. We want to allow you to have as many vbucks as you want to be able to equip you without having to take out the blue card. The items in Fortnite’s store give no benefit at stake, everything is cosmetic only and it’s a very good choice from Epic Games not to have made the game Pay To Win.

Can I risk something to use your generator? No chance, our generator is undetectable, when generating v-bucks the connection to the game server is secure and no trace of this connection is saved. You can enjoy it many times for the same account and for different accounts. We are currently the leader in creating free resource generators and we want the best for our users.

We will NEVER ask you to download software to get your resources or even worse, as some site do, ask you to jailbreak your smartphones.

Why are v-bucks useful in Fortnite Battle Royale?

With vbucks you will be able to initially take the fight pass that will allow you to get skins of dance and exclusive emotes and additional quests to access the level 100 faster. You can also pay 100 v-bucks to earn 1 more level, why not enjoy it with all those free v-bucks that are at your disposal! Every two days you can buy the new skin of the shop and equip it proudly for your next games!

At the moment on Fortnite Battle Royale it is the fashion of the one who will have the most beautiful skin to impress the enemies and the well-sure of the small dance after killing an enemy to really troll it! Personally I generated more than 55 000 v-bucks which allowed me to offer all the objects of the shop since the beginning of the game! I still have 20,450 to date but it should be enough to buy skins for a few more months!

Presentation of the Fortnite Battle Royale game from Epic Games

At the base Fortnite is a tower defense game in sandbox mode where you have the possibility to build structures to slow waves of enemies. You can shoot these enemies to prevent them from getting too close to the base you’ve built beforehand! The game Fortnite received very poor ratings on different test site like Gamekult or Epic Games knew how to make the right decision at the right time by quickly leaving a free Battle Royale mode.

This is where it all began, Fortnite has become the reference in the BR style and little by little PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players have joined the game with cartoon tunes!

Fortnite Battle Royale (fortnite hack) was able to win quickly thanks to optimized performance of their game unlike PUBG.

To conclude, Fortnite is the best Battle Royale game of the moment, the game design is very successful, we are now waiting to see how Epic Games will succeed in placing itself in the esport, but I think we will be entitled to tournaments of madness saw the astronomical sums of money made available by the creators ”  100,000,000 $ of cash price”.

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