Digital Photography: 11 Tips for Shooting Better Jewelry and Craft Digital Photos

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Jewelers and craftsmen often ask me what they can do to improve their photography. For those who are trying to take beautiful digital photos, this is my 11 best tips.

1. Use a self-timer with a tripod and camera.

Using these two elements at any time will give you clear and crisp photos. The tripod will add rigidity while self-timer provides time to focus on the jewelry (jewelry photo editing).

2. Keep the bottom clean and tidy.

Remove unwanted items from the area where the photo was taken. It also prevents your eyes from distracting the subject of the photo. Cleaning the surface of background is important as it serves to provide clarity to jewelry photo (jewelry photo editing).

3. Move the camera as close as possible to the subject.

Use the display screen on the camera and fill the screen as much as possible. This may mean that you need to use the camera’s macro settings. See the user manual for the distance the camera is designed to use macro settings. The image that is focused and provides most clarity to jewelry photo (jewelry photo editing) is the best photo for showcasing.

4. Keep the focus of the photo theme.

No one likes to look at blurred images. If the image is not in focus, restore the image.

5. Avoid dark shadows.

Use indirect sunlight, lightning or other light sources to shoot your jewelry or crafts. Indirect sunlight is the best source of photographic lighting. Background color is important for jewelry photos as jewelry would get focused attention.

6. Before setting up the camera,

Please understand how the picture is displayed when you see the final photo.

7. Improve the photo

By resizing, cropping, highlighting, rotating (if necessary) and compressing the image. Try taking a photo so you only need to make some improvements. For example, you don’t have to remove unwanted objects from your photos.

8. Read the camera’s instruction manual

Become familiar with all the features of the camera. For example, you need to be familiar with self-timer, white balance adjustment and exposure values, how to use the manual or macro focus settings to take pictures, how to use the built-in flash, and how to use zoom in and out. Move the subject away from the photo and set the resolution for taking the photo.

9. Don’t be afraid to experiment by taking pictures.

Try taking a photo using a different technique. Use different perspectives, different lights, rotate the subject of the photo, try different background colors, and try different photo exposure values. Unless you try to use different techniques in photography, you never know what works or doesn’t work. You may be surprised at how much new technology you can use to take pictures.

10. Don’t expect an article with just one or two photos to get the perfect photo.

This may happen from time to time, but it rarely happens. I rarely take one or two photos of the articles I want to take. I think photography is the best I can shoot. You need to take five or more photos before taking a perfect photo.

11. If you are using the camera’s built-in flash for jewelry and manual shooting,

Use the power cord that came with your camera to produce the maximum amount of light from the camera flash for every photo. When the camera’s battery begins to discharge while the camera is in use, the camera’s flash output will decrease regardless of the flash.

By using all of the above techniques for shooting jewelry (jewelry photo editing service) and crafts, you should immediately see an improvement in your photography.



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