Dice In Every Situation Of Gambling

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The whole world is rolling. In one way or another. Even children like to roll dice for their lives with humans do not annoy you or Kniffel. Even dice with inserts is a real breeze in some cultures.

Thus, for centuries, the most important Jewish festival Hanukkah the “Dreidel” turned. The four-sided spinner with letters from the Hebrew alphabet is used by the children as a cube to divide a “pot” among themselves. This usually consists of lots of sweets, nuts and other goodies. Depending on which side of the dreidel falls, the player receives everything, half, nothing or he has to contribute another candy to the pot. Who has lost his sweets, must hope for the generosity of the other players. The four letters Nun, Gimel, Hei and Schin are symbols for the phrase “Nes gadol haya sham”. Translated, this means something like “A great miracle has happened there.” This reminds the children in the game fever to sweets to the real thing that is celebrated at Hanukkah.

More recently, backgammon, as a mixture of strategy and gambling เว็บแทงบอล, has experienced such a boom that a world championship was launched in the 1960s, of course in the Las Vegas gambling เว็บแทงบอล paradise. And with the digital age we are in, backgammon fans no longer need tables. Thanks to the virtual offer, the enthusiasm for games continues unabated.

Dice for life and death

From carefree dice experiences in childhood to dice for life and death. Literally for their lives had to die in 1625 Protestant insurgents in the Austrian Frankenburg. They had resisted the Catholic rulers, but their uprising was crushed and 36 men were to be sentenced to death. The men were given a questionable grace: they should each throw each other. The winner should survive, the loser flourished the rope. And so it was actually carried out – half of the men had no luck in the game and thus found death. Even today, each year in Frankenburg the losers are thought of with a spectacle near the dice spot.

The magic cube

The magic of the cube and its unique geometry shows the phenomenon of the magic cube by the Hungarian Rubik. The children of the seventies and eighties spent days and weeks sorting the colors of the colorful cube. Even some adults were driven mad by the award-winning solitaire game. If you are interested in the possible solutions of the cube, you can read the numerous mathematical essays on the Internet.

In any case, it was proven in 2010 that no more than 20 moves are necessary – but only with the help of a computer. It should therefore not all too discourage those who can not show any real progress even after 100 moves.

Since the 2000s, the magic cube is experiencing a terrific comeback. Countless young people leave their smartphone on the left and try to set world records with the Rubik’s cube. With one hand, blindfolded or even with the feet they turn the cube into the correct position. The record holder from Korea did not even need 37 seconds in 2008 to properly arrange the colorful squares.

The mystical cube

The toy proves how mystically complex yet mathematically precise the cube was and is for humanity. Our classic cube is a hexahedron – a body with six sides, each forming a square. Even the Greek philosopher Plato knew about the mathematical harmony of the hexahedron and attributed to the cube the element earth. Not least because the classic cube consists of squares and stands securely on the ground.

In India, one knows the image of the dicing Shiva. He is said to have even gambled with his wife Parvati for the fate of the world. The board game “Chaupar”, which Shiva and Parvati play, is not played with the magic hexahedron, but with cowrie shells. The game can theoretically take forever. Most of the time it does not take more time than a game of man does not annoy you, but when Shiva dices เว็บแทงบอล around the universe, it can take a little longer.

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