Best Graphic Card- The Factors Affecting A Graphics Card

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The graphics card (or graphics card) is simply a hardware component that is mounted inside the PC, regardless of whether it is the best notebook or a desktop. Its purpose is to create and send a video signal to the monitor. On the market there are different types:

  • external ones are used to improve the graphics of laptops;
  • those directly integrated in the CPU;
  • dedicated ones that offer the best performance.

Regardless of the type chosen, you will always find a graphics processor called GPU (from the Graphics Processing Unit), and a certain amount of video memory (which can be dedicated, or will be installed directly on it, or shared, where it will be subtracted from the memory main system). Unlike what happens with motherboards, best graphics cards do not have a standard for their physical dimensions. Each type of graphics card has a standard regarding the attack (which, in a nutshell, will allow you to mount them on the special slot that is on the mainboard).


If you need to buy the best graphics card, you have to inform yourself about some technical features, which for your convenience, I have created a small list of those that you have to take more into consideration:

  • amount of video memory, on the latest graphics cards can even reach 8GB (having more video memory does not mean that it is better than others, often more than enough 2, or 4 GB);
  • video memory speed, is expressed in GHz and may be in the GDDR3, GDDR5 or, even better, HBM format. The higher this value is, the better it is
  • speed (or clock) of the GPU, is the factor to be taken into consideration after the speed because it determines the actual performance of your best graphics card. Clock speed is expressed in MHz (but sometimes also in GHz)
  • type of attack: PCI Express 3.0 is the standard for all graphics cards (check that the mainboard is also provided)
  • must support the latest video standards, such as DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4.5
  • number of video outputs that will be: VGA (obsolete), DVI, S-Video HDMI / mini HDMI or DisplayPort (the latter is used to connect 4K monitors)

Before purchasing a GPU, you must consider the power of the power supply inside the computer. If your PC has a 300-watt power supply and you’re going to buy a graphics card that needs at least 400 watts of power, most likely you’ll have troublesome problems like, for example, the sudden shutdown of your PC.

Compatibility of the graphics card

Before buying a new best graphics card to play or for graphics we must be well aware of how our PC is placed at the hardware level. Very often it happens that, not having experience, you buy a super powerful GPU while our system is not able to digest that amount of processed data. A practical example will be hydraulics, if we have two pipes with a different diameter, the overall flow will always be determined by the smallest diameter. In our case the smallest diameter will be the processor, maybe it is not the most recent or with “poor” computational characteristics.

So, when we are going to buy a GPU to make Gaming we must make sure not to create bottlenecks with our PC, otherwise we only waste money and do not fully exploit the full potential of our PC.

Having a system in order, with processor, ram and hard disk aligned in terms of performance is always the best choice. First check which power supply you need, if you need one or two voltage cables from the power supply and how many Watt you need. When it comes to Gaming it is better to have a good Quad-Core processor to rest assured. This is because it will be able to perform multiple sequences of calculations processed by the best graphics card and will ensure certain fluidity in the delivery of images. A tip: choose an Intel processor, which is at least an I3, better still an I5 (the I7 would be the Top but must be combined with the top cards, otherwise it is wasted!). Today SSDs cost very little, so having a solid memory disk can further alleviate the mechanical latencies of data loading during games and are less noisy than the classic Hard Disk. If you just need to retouch photos and watch movies in HD you will not need a very powerful graphics card, you can easily buy an entry level to spend little such as Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

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