Bamboo Baby Blankets: Types, Uses and Buying Tips

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There is no doubt that the blanket is the best friend of the newborn. Without it, even a lot of babies are not ready to sleep. Therefore, buying a suitable blanket for your child is mandatory for you. There are several types of baby blankets (bamboo duvet comforter) on the market, and deciding which one is best for your newborn is a daunting task. However, if you already know different types of baby blankets, it will be very easy to buy a perfect baby blanket for your baby.

Different types of baby blankets and their uses


The reception hood is undoubtedly the most functional baby blanket, because they are very versatile and can be used in almost any area, such as game mats, sleeping towels, blanket diapers, etc. However, they are specifically designed to receive babies at birth.


Generally, they are made of lightweight, environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, wool, flannel, muslin and bamboo. The reception is square or rectangular and is mainly used in hospitals. They are very thin and can cover other types of coverage. Undoubtedly, these versatile blankets are the staple food of the newborn world.

Security cover:

As the name suggests, the safety blanket (bamboo duvet comforter) is designed to make babies and toddlers feel safe and comfortable when they fall asleep or other abnormal conditions. They are usually made of ultra-soft materials such as wool, which are often accompanied by stuffed animals.


Sometimes called blankets or loveys, the baby uses a safety blanket until he becomes a child. For these reasons, they must be durable so that your child can fully enjoy their age. However, your child can also stick to other types of blankets and treat them as a safety blanket.

Diaper cover:

The packaging blankets are designed to wrap the baby tightly so that they feel they are still in the mother’s womb. These covers are very similar in function to the safety mat, the only difference being that Velcro fasteners can help you wrap your newborn quickly and easily.


Unlike the receiving blanket, the diaper cover is typically made of a muslin, which is large and square. Not only can they help your child stay calm and relaxed, but they can also prevent him from scratching his face with small nails. Some varieties of diaper covers allow you to change diapers without having to completely unpack your baby.

Cradle with a blanket or quilt:

Crib rugs and quilts are larger than the receiving blanket (bamboo duvet comforter) and can be used as bedding and various decorative uses. You can put them on the mattress, use them as baby rugs and hang them on the walls of the nursery. Usually made of wool, the quilt is the perfect item for occasional use at home.

Sleeping bag:

Sleeping bags, also known as sleeping bags, are basically portable blankets designed to keep your baby completely covered while sleeping. Suitable for toddlers who often remove blankets during sleep. These mats have sleeves and neck openings that allow air to flow freely, keeping your child from getting too hot or waking up to cold nights. Strictly speaking, sleeping bags are a safe alternative to traditional baby blankets (bamboo duvet comforter).

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