18Kiss- Why Poker Has a Bad Reputation?

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Despite a certain success for several years, poker still enjoys a pretty bad reputation around the world. Yet, operators like tournaments show white paw to be transparent.

A problem related to religion?

Regardless of religion , betting or making money through gambling is frowned upon. Indeed, among Christians, Jews and especially Muslims, this type of “idle” life in which one earns money by “beating” the other without real effort (notion of chance) would be almost ‘a sin. 

Also, we can question the merits of this theory yet verified since the United States remains the country N ° 1 in poker while its societal base is very puritan. Moreover, this mechanism also applies to adult films on the side of Uncle Sam. 

In addition, let us remember that many football players had, at one time, refused to wear the jersey of their club when a sponsor “Silver Games” was included. This was notably the case of footballer Frédéric Kanouté at the time when he played at FC Sevilla.

Misconceptions about poker

Beyond the religious aspect, there are also all the ideas that ordinary people have about poker and the course of a game. For many, poker is a game played by thugs in a gloomy atmosphere in the bottom of an illegal bar. Yet you as we know that the poker world has “smoothed” a lot during its democratization. To this day, the poker world is more like ultra-modern halls where the rules are very (too?) Strict. Poker is no longer played by cowboys deep in a ghost town in Texas. Thanks to the web and associations that organize tournaments, poker is part of the culture of a nation. 

In this case, what do they think of other gambling games like roulette or baccarat?

Doping and Poker

As surprising as it may seem, the world of poker would be gangrene by doping. Indeed, recent studies (and many suspicions) have shed light on this little-known practice in a “brain” sport.

Anti-doping tests to come?

Recently, anti-doping controls have taken place with the winners of some Live and Online to detect certain traces of illicit products. These controls have caused a stir and the entire online poker community has been in turmoil ever since. In itself, doping in poker can be surprising, but it makes sense since players often have to be awake for long hours. 

During the games, the players must know how to make the right decisions quickly, which would explain the taking of doping products. As such, the “doping” is not only the prerogative of footballers, cyclists and weightlifters. This is why the various world authorities think they are putting in place more and more controls to monitor certain practices .

What drugs are taken by poker players?

Beyond recent business, a 2010 study (University of Nova Southeastern) revealed that 4 out of 5 poker players were taking substances to improve their performance . Some players even admit to taking several types of product in order to be concentrated during each hand. 

Not surprisingly, caffeine and energy drinks are the favorite products of poker players. Also, they are particularly fond of certain dietary supplements such as vitamin B12 and Guarana which work the concentration abilities. 

In another register, some poker players are also led to smoke marijuana or to take alcohol. Of course, nicotine is a habit in many players. Finally, about 10% of players would take cocaine to increase their brain capacity . 

Beyond the health risks, it is important, first, to define what is doping in a poker player. Alcohol, caffeine, energy drinks or nicotine are authorized products and stimulants, but would they be considered as doping?

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